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To request an opportunity to meet with FlandersMake, please email trip@scconnect.us, or use the form found here.

FlandersMake is the strategic research facility for manufacturing in Belgium’s industrial region. Its ten university facilities with about 300 researchers are available for private U.S. company use and collaborative research with U.S. institutions.

More specifically, FlandersMake supports the innovation projects of manufacturing companies, contributing to new products and processes that help realize the vehicles, machines and factories of the future.

Optimal interaction between machines and humans is a crucial feature to respond to the increasing trend of customized products. In such factories, the creativity and intelligence of operators and the precision and power of machines are a perfectly working match. Flanders Make will guide you through the different research objectives and results related to create smart workstations, adaptive, human-centered, robot-collaborative manufacturing organizations and systems and cognitive and physical interaction between man and robot using the technology offered today (augmented reality, closed loop MES interaction, etc.)

Opportunities for Partnerships

FlandersMake offers several collaborative approaches:

Manufacturer/Sector Research

Manufacturers or entire sectors often underwrite research into a particular issue. When complete, results are shared with the sponsors. This provides opportunities for
— Manufacturers, which can benefit from the FlandersMake applied research, and
— Colleges and Universities, which could assist and benefit from the research effort.

Small Batch Manufacturing

FlandersMake has the facilities to support high precision manufacturing. The process allows for quick, low-expensive prototyping so that new products can get to market faster.


Manufacturers frequently rent the specialized equipment and expertise of FlandersMake to test new prototypes. This can include the nearly 50-mile Ford Lommel Proving Ground, located adjacent to FlandersMake’s Lommel office. For 40 years, the Lommel Proving Ground has been Ford’s most important automotive testing site.

FlandersMake has earned the trust of industry, which uses the extensive facilities to test discreetly prototypes and experimental ideas without fear of publicity.

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To request an opportunity to meet with FlandersMake, please email trip@scconnect.us, or use the form found here.

About the Speaker: Dirk Torfs, CEO of FlandersMake, earned a PhD in Applied Science from KU-Leuven based on a thesis on Modeling and Control and an MBA in Entrepreneurship. Prior to joining FlandersMake as the CEO in 2014, Dirk was Vice President, Division Manager Benelux at ABB Benelux and had several other senior management functions in the electromechanical industry.

Dirk Torfs – CEO
E-Mail: dirk.torfs@flandersmake.be
Tel: +32 11 790 590
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