Training and Advice

BeneluxConnect leverages its decades of sales and marketing experience to polish your pitch and presentation.

Ward Vleegen, Agoria Transport and Mobility Club

“We asked BeneluxConnect to help us prepare presentations for a major automobile manufacturer. The advice was down-to-earth, individualized and well-organized. I found it useful and well worth the time, and I’d recommend it to other groups preparing important presentations.” – Ward Vleegen, Agoria Business Group Leader and Manager of Agoria’s Transport and Mobility Club.

Rahul Gopalakrishnan,

“We always assume that company gatekeepers have technical knowledge, but frequently they don’t. BeneluxConnect helped us clarify our slides so that they supported what we were saying, instead of overpowering it.  We learned how to pitch to clients, how to tune the presentation and how to focus clients on our products’ benefits.” – Rahul Gopalakrishnan, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President at Avesta Battery and Energy Engineering (ABEE).

Johan Van Dyck, CEO -Exypnos

“Trip looks at our presentation from a non-technical point of view, really looking to understand what we are talking about. As a native English speaker, he is also very useful in helping us choose our words and phrases, the transitions and even the setups of some our slides.” Johan Van Dyck, CEO of Exypnos

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